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Prize competition: win your dream bedroom makeover!

Expat in France? You might stay 3 months and yet again you might stay 10 years like I did when I was expatriated to the UK!

I remember longing to really feel at home even though I was renting a place. So...If you want to make that dream come true, you need to read on.

Whether you want a new master bedroom or need to cater for your newborn or even give in to your teenager who is nagging you to update his room decoration, let's do it!

To celebrate the website recently launched in English, we organized this great prize contest Win your very own tailor-made bedroom makeover and works to make it come true!


1st prize: 1 tailor-made bedroom makeover by Madecoenligne

+ works to make it come true by our partner for a total value worth 1500€

Enter now free to get a chance to win this fantastic prize!

How to participate?

To enter this competition, you need to:

1. Fill out the entry form

2. Like Madecoenligne and Facebook pages

3. Post the photo of the bedroom you would like to make over 4. Invite and tag 2 friends

Good luck to everyone!


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