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Home Staging Living Room in the Paris area



  • Too much furniture was visually cluttering this living area giving the impression that this room was small, albeit it measures in reality a nice 37 sq. metres!

  • The living room layout was too narrow to accommodate a family of 4 people in a comfortable manner

  • The sofa sitting space was too small for the family and guests

  • This family living space was not facing the main room, meaning one had to circumvent the setty in order to take place

  • The living room area in itself was far too small and not inviting with a difficult circulation around the coffee table to boot

  • Direct and indirect lighting was virtually non existent so as to create a warm atmosphere in this family living space




==> Clearing up the space


We started off by clearing off the space by moving some furniture such as the huge oversized cat tree, the plant-pot holder and the glassware cabinet.


==> Re-designing


We then redesigned the existing space and re-organized furniture to allow the sofa to be inviting right from the entrance. We also optimized unexploited wall spaces to get more room for storage of all kinds. A Club armchair completes the new layout.


==> Accessoirizing


A white carpet under the coffee now invites to cocooning, completed by colored cushions on the sofa. We brought curtains to dress up the large glass windows and make this living room more cosy and warm.


==> Illuminating


A large arc-shaped floor lamp magnifies this newly-designed living space, whilst bringing practical and design lighting to the room.

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