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  • Too many pieces of furniture were cluttering this floor space visually giving the impression that the room was small, albeit it measured a nice 37 m2 in reality!

  • The layout of the living room was not optimised and too narrow to welcome a family of 4 in a comfortable manner.

  • The sofa was not big emough to sit family and guests

  • This family living room was turning its back to the main room, hence making people bypass it in order to sit down

  • The living room area itself was too small and not inviting with difficulty in circulating around the coffee table

  • Both direct and indirect lighting were lacking in the room in order to contribute to create a nice and cosy ambiance in this family space.




==> De-clutter globally


We started de-cluttering the space by taking out some of the furniture like the cats' tree which was far too voluminous for the room size, the tall plant holder, the glass cabinet..


==> Optimise the layout


We then changed the existing layout and moved furniture around so that the sofa could better express itself in the room and above all be more inviting right from the entrance. We also optimised underexploited wall spaces with long storage units. A club armchair completes the new layout harmoniously.


==> Accessoirise


A white carpet placed under the coffee table together with new colored cushions on the sofa distillates a nice cocooning atmosphere. Curtains immediately dress the large windows up and make the room a lot cosier and welcoming. .


==> Light up


A large arch lamp Arco style now illuminates this redesigned space whilst providing the living room with  a very practical and design light source.

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