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Leading French home interior services 100% online!

The concept


If you are on this website's English version you may either be :

1. Living in your home country and wanting to truly differentiate your home interior design by distilling a bit of French touch in your home, or

2. You are an expat living in France and wouldn't mind a little bit of that "cosyness" in your home, to precisely home but with a little bit of French touch (otherwise might as well stay at home :-)!

In the first case, we would be delighted to help you get that perfect home you would like and that would just have this "je ne sais quoi" that your friends, family, colleagues would envy you and that would make your gome stand out a mile...!

If you are an expat, we know exactly how you feel being in France. Yes we do, yes we do...Why?  A couple of reasons. We know France is not a sinecure for some expats who feel we lack friendliness, which I very much regret!  Second reason, we lived and worked in Germany and in the UK for over 10 years. We know what it feels like to be away from home and try to find one's marks in a new country.

Not only will there be absolutely no language barrier between us since we are totally fluent in English but we are internationally-minded to boot, open-minded and we will event lough and joke with you we promise! :-)

Beyond the social aspect of calling upon us, we will simply do for you exactly as for us former expats...We know what you need, we know what can be missing to help you feel more comfy, more at home in a foreign country.


Madecoenligne offers its services at international level in order to export the "French touch" with an understanding of people's individual needs worldwide.


  • Clear prices based on transparency

  • No travel expenses for the interior designer to pay

  • Real savings on the best prices on the Internet

  • Controlled cost adapted to your budget



  • Save invaluable time!

  • Make things happen quicker!

  • Take advantage of your leisure time whilst we take care of your interior!

  • Find new furniture at turbo speed with our shopping lists




  • Benefit from a professional eye for successful interior design projects

  • Obtain true tangible deliverables with tailor-made interior design recommendations

  • Dazzle your friends and relatives! !



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