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Blue Bathroom Express Makeover


The main objective of an Express Makeover lies in changing the look of a room virtually at a low cost BEFORE taking the plunge and deciding to go for renovation works.


The very dark blue colours of this dated bathroom led to specific choices when deciding upon a new and more modern bathroom design.


Rather than repaint the tiles, we selected a grey concrete base mixed with turquoise touches for a new resolutely modern look, wiping clean the very existence of the original tiles alltogether.

A shower column has also been intgrated to the bathroom with a protective glass panel to as to avoid water projections outside the bath in the rest of the room.

The sink and furniture has been retained albeit changing the doors for wooden stripped ones and applying a matching wooden teck-style veneer.

The mirror has been replaced by one matching the doors with a rail of modern spots above it.

Here is the final result ! A soothing bathroom, a lot brighter which combines wood, concrete and calming colours.


Note the completely different look and the significant transformation of this bathroom.


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