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Leading home interior services 100% online!


The Madecoenligne concept


With a passion for decoration that goes back many years, the founder of Madecoenligne is a serial entrepreneur who has embraced the Internet and e-commerce.


Conscious of the fact that we all have less and less spare time and that Internet offerings increasingly include professional advice and services, Madecoenligne created its new concept.


The first 100% online e-commerce site for interior design and decoration advice is aimed at all interior decoration enthusiasts who want to give their interior a makeover or facelift in the least amount of time and at the best price.


Madecoenligne offers exactly the same services in fact as a normal interior designer -and at extremely attractive rates.


In this DIY-crazy era, the site provides you with advice, makeover suggestions, ideas, colour schemes, furnishing materials etc. while leaving you to choose whether to do the new interior designed for you yourself or have it done by an outside professional.


At Madecoenligne, we aim to demystify interior decoration advisory services by making them available to everybody, wherever they may live.


The Madecoenligne services know no boundaries – we export the ‘French Touch’ all over the world!


  • Clear and transparent prices

  • No interior decorator travelling expenses

  • Real savings on the best Internet prices

  • Costs optimized to match your budget



  • Save a whole lot of time!  

  • Get your decoration project off the ground faster!  

  • Relax and enjoy yourself while we take care of your interior!

  • Find your new furniture in a jiffy thanks to our shopping lists




  • We can run our professional eye over your interior design projects 

  • Receive real, tangible deliverables with personalised decoration tips

  • Impress your family and friends! 



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