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Toilets Express Makeover


Tired of her parents' dated Provençal yellow and green toilets, Charleen decides to take action.


She wanted to surprise her mum and be in a position to make a proposal for a makeover in time for her birthday!


Rather than risking a faux pas, Charleen selected our easy-on-the-wallet Express Makeover home decorating solution which allows you to really get an idea of the end result with the chosen colours, textures and project yourself into the new room so as to avoid a clash between, say, a duck blue and a Ferrari red?



The challenge here was to transform these toilets of only 1 sq. meter and rejuvenate them.

Charleen fancied a soothing and calming nature ambiance. We then came up with a makeover proposal matching her wishes with a mixture of bambou flooring tiles, coordinated accessories, birch wall paper, a branch wall sticker and a highly original toilet roll holder 'homemade' to bring a unique and original nature touch. 


See the finished express makeover for youselves! Purified and zen style with a genuine nature look! Completely different toilets to sum it up.


Brighter, visually bigger thanks to proposed colour changes, all for a reasonable budget of 100 - 120 € materials, accessories and plant included!


If you need home decoration ideas, coaching or discuss a makeover for your home, CONTACT US!

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